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Embracing our future, while remembering our past. We are Native Winds Radio!

Taos, NM
Jul 19, 2024
temperature icon 82°F
clear sky
Humidity Humidity: 34 %
Pressure Pressure: 1017 mb
Wind Wind: 7 mph
Wind Gust Wind Gust: 13 mph
Clouds Clouds: 0%
Visibility Visibility: 0 mi
Sunrise Sunrise: 4:59 am
Sunset Sunset: 7:17 pm

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about us

Native Winds Radio KWNZ-DB is the newest station in Taos, New Mexico, playing the best in Tejano, Conjunto, Regional Mexican, Native American, and Country music. From the old favorites to the new releases, Our goal is to showcase the best in all genres of music by eliminating musical borders and breaking genre barriers with a conscious effort to promote Unity, Community, and our fantastic Culture.

Native Winds Radio was created in late 2022 by Owner Daniel Cordova and Aaron Gonzales.

After a discussion about Texas and New Mexican Culture and music, both agreed there was a lack of Unity between many bordering states regarding the Latin music genres. The lack of Unity has been hurting the advancement of the Latin genres for years. So the vision of Native Winds Radio was born. A station with an effort to embrace Native American Heritage, Mexican Culture, and our American Spirit.

Native Winds Radio, plays the best in New Mexico, Tejano, Conjunto, Regional Mexican, Native American, and Country music.

New Mexico Countryside
New Mexico Dessert

More Than Music: Native Winds Radio’s Soulful Impact on Taos

Nestled amongst the adobe walls of Taos, New Mexico, Native Winds Radio hums with a unique frequency. More than just tunes, it’s a cultural bridge, weaving together the diverse community threads.

Here’s why:

Unity Through Melody: Gone are the rigid genre boundaries. Native Winds embraces Tejano, Conjunto, Regional Mexican, Native American, and Country, reflecting the rich tapestry of Taos. This musical harmony mirrors the community’s spirit, fostering understanding and appreciation across cultural lines.

Celebrating Heritage: The station honors the deep roots of Taos, showcasing Native American music and stories. This keeps ancestral traditions alive, educating listeners and strengthening cultural identity.

Beyond Borders: Native Winds doesn’t stop at Taos. It seeks to unite the broader New Mexican and Latin music scenes, breaking regional barriers and promoting collaboration. This fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens regional identity.

Community Pulse: More than just playing music, Native Winds is a platform for local voices. Song requests, artist interviews, and community announcements create a space for interaction and shared experiences, further solidifying the community bond.

In essence, Native Winds Radio is more than just a radio station. It’s a vibrant hub where Taos’s soul resonates, fostering unity, celebrating heritage, and weaving a community tapestry richer than any single note.


music is our passion

We are passionate about music, and we would love to hear yours.  Learn how you can become a featured artist on Native Wind Radio and share your music with other music enthusiasts.

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